Restaurant Horror No. 1

How Much Is Too Much Marijuana?

The amount of marijuana in foodstuffs is unregulated in California.  The Denver, Colorado public health department recommends 10 milligrams per dose in edible marijuana foodstuffs.

The following story posted at a San Francisco e-zine does not bother with the so-called safe limit of 10 mg.

San Francisco | 05/29/2017

The Bold Italic e-zine

“I Ate Eight Courses of Cannabis-Infused Haute Cuisine, and It Only Made Me More Hungry”

But rather than being a weed dinner where guests eat edibles before arriving or smoke between courses, this meal will involve cannabis that’s present in cooking oils, purees and powders. It will be integrated into the meal like any other ingredient.

Michael quit the restaurant circuit to start his own personal brand — Opulent Chef. He now teaches classes, cooks private meals and works part-time for the WIRED kitchen.

“Hopefully, everyone gets high according to the level of highness you want to receive . “

Hopefully your food doesn’t sicken innocent children and teens.


Creepy “chef” dumps marijuana into cooked food:  CLICK THE IMAGE.

Dangers of Edible Marijuana

Marijuana Sold As Edible Foodstuffs

For years, marijuana has been infused into food products such as candy and baked goods at “medical” dispensaries.

Pot users include weed in their homemade foods; hundreds of videos online teach how to cook with weed.

Are children and teens protected?  No.  Pot users and advocates are mostly anti-establishment and anti-family.  They do not give a damn about your family.

Drug Alert:  Marijuana Edibles

From the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA):


Edibles are food products infused with marijuana. Though smoking marijuana is the most prevalent method of consumption, eating marijuana is quickly becoming a popular way to consume the drug.

Brownies are among the most common food products infused with marijuana; however, almost any food product may be infused with marijuana and eaten.

In addition to placing marijuana directly in food, marijuana-infused cooking oil can be used when frying or searing food, and marijuana-infused butter can be spread directly on prepared food.

These marijuana edibles are more common in states that have legalized marijuana and also states that permit medical marijuana use.

Is eating marijuana more dangerous than smoking marijuana?

YES!  There is the added potential for overdose from marijuana edibles.

  • The effects from smoking marijuana only takes minutes.  However, edibles take between 1-3 hours because food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver.  Because it take longer, the user may end up consuming larger amounts of the drug while thinking the drug isn’t working.
  • The amount of THC -the active ingredient in marijuana – is very difficult to measure and is often unknown in these food products.
  • If the user has other medications in his or her system, their body may metabolize different amounts of THC, causing THC levels in the bloodstream to dangerously increase five-fold.
  • Overdose symptoms from eating marijuana are often more severe than symptoms of an overdose from smoking marijuana.

What are the negative effects of marijuana edibles?

  • Psychotic episodes
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Impaired motor ability

Are marijuana edibles frequently used?

Among 12th graders who used marijuana in the past year, 40% reported having consumed it in edible form in medical marijuana states, versus 26% in non-medical marijuana states.

(Source:  National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) 2014 Monitoring the Future Study.

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