Famed Michelin Culinary Gardener and Chef Goes To Pot

Chef Aaron Keefer Is A Silly Man

Author’s Message:  Marijuana Will Eventually Ruin Everyone and Everything It Touches (like restaurants), No Matter Who You Are


Imagine you are raising your little boy to stay away from dumb careers like growing marijuana for all the dope-heads.  You send him to top level schools like the Culinary Institute of America in New York.  Your son’s stellar education was then followed by one successful post after the other. Profile of Aaron Keefer.


Yes, your son was highly recognized in his culinary field. He is well-known for cultivating vegetables for the Michelen-rated French Laundry in Yountville in Napa County.


But then, something weird and stupid happened.  George Soros (Daddy Weedbucks) and California’s potheads convinced voters that marijuana was a trending, hot commodity.  Suddenly, chefs and restaurants were getting on the bandwagon.

What could possible go wrong?

How about your stellar reputation?  How about re-thinking what the hell you are getting into?

Marijuana Is For Losers!

“I really think that we’re going to be the first one to combine the [California] wine country lifestyle with cannabis. I’m excited to see what else we have out there that people are going to be discovering. There really is power in plants.” Keefer

I live in California, too.  Marijuana is a poisonous weed.  I hate marijuana (read my About page).  It ruins marriages, causes fatal vehicle crashes, makes you stupid, drains your soul, causes untreatable panic disorder and even suicide.  You stoners may “think” it is harmless.  I’ve heard this all my life and I’m 70.

Read About The Company The Chef Keeps (Pot Head Publications)

Sonoma County Craft Cannabis Farm Hires French Laundry Alum to Run Cultivation

Former French Laundry Farm Chief Joins Pot Industry

Shameful promotion from my once-favorite magazine:

French Laundry’s Former Culinary Farmer Wants to Bring Artisanal Cannabis to the Table – Food & Wine Magazine


Weed Recipe for Thanksgiving: Sunset Magazine Legitimizes Poisoning Grandma

It is with great regret that I, a former subscriber to Sunset Magazine, learned that my once-favorite, family-friendly lifestyle magazine has turned against the family.  I expect online stoner sites to promote this crap but Sunset?  It’s horrifying.

Listen To Stoners Talk!  They will go on and on about how harmless marijuana is. It’s all a big joke to them.

I post the entire article here.  Plus Sunset’s other edible marijuana article links.

The gravy alchemist, Kiva, brags that the gravy “gravy offers the fastest-acting and most bioavailable cannabinoids available in edibles today.” 

Sunset Magazine – Chill Out Your Entire Family at Thanksgiving With This Cannabis-Infused Gravy

Kiva Confections powdered turkey gravy is made from real stock, spices, and herbs (plus THC).

Sunset’s Disclaimer: We are not seriously suggesting you dose your family (or anyone!) on Thanksgiving (or any day!). We’re simply offering up a bit of holiday humor—something we could probably all use a dose of this week.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, filled with an overflowing table of food, football, and quality family time. It’s also one of the riskiest days of the year for rational discourse, when family members with differing opinions gather round a roast turkey to air their grievances. This year, as one cannabis company would have it, you now have the option to avoid it all by serving everyone a healthy dose of THC-laced turkey gravy (with full consent, of course).

Kiva Confections, which has grown into the largest cannabis edibles brand in the country, has launched a limited-edition, fast-acting cannabis-infused gravy. It comes in powdered from, just like any regular, old grocery store gravy; just add water. Unlike most edibles, the gravy’s special ingredients will absorb directly into the soft tissue of the stomach, taking effect within 2 to 15 minutes. That’s lightning speed, compared to the typical 90 minutes or more that other edible cannabis products require before effects are felt.

Grandma won’t care about your new tattoo after slurping up this stuff — in fact, she might want one of her own! Will your stuffy uncle ever stop talking? Maybe, after he eats this gravy (or at least you might not care what he says, after you’ve eaten it too). The biggest risk: A post-dinner rush on the dessert table. If you’re including this delicious, wavy gravy at your holiday dinner, make sure to stock up on the sweet stuff.


Hat tip:  Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (California)

Romancing The Stoners 2: First Pot Restaurant in Los Angeles

Will Dining Out Endanger The Young?

We hate marijuana and we want readers to be aware of how much this awful weed is influencing restaurants and chefs.  We predict that increasing numbers of children and teenagers will be endangered as the number of these restaurants increase over time.  We do not care that adults use weed – just leave the children alone!

We wonder whether this joint will have any warnings on the door like “this place can cause mental health disorders like suicide” and “don’t drive after using marijuana-infused foodstuffs.”  California warns restaurant patrons about cancer causing products or environmentally unsafe plastic straws so it stands to reason this place would comply, right?

  • What is WEHO?  West Hollywood.

The first marijuana restaurant in Los Angeles will open September 2019 in WEHO.  The Lowell Cafe “will offer its guests a range of high-quality cannabis flowers, vapes, pre-packaged edibles, concentrates and extracts.”  Andrea Drummer is the chef.

According to their website, the joint will not serve pot-infused dishes but will sell pot-infused packaged foodstuffs.

Here’s a snapshot of Andrea Drummer, who competed on the Netflix series, “Cooking on High” after she appeared in Kitchen Toke’s inaugural 2017 issue.

How Popular is This Trend?