Rick Steves Pied Piper for the ACLU: Legalizing Marijuana

Hello Rick Steves! I know you sit at your laptop searching your name. We hate marijuana. We are offering cash for a photograph of you toking a joint.

Not many know that Rick Steves, the long-time host for a popular Public Television travel show, now in reruns, campaigned against family values for the ACLU. The ACLU is a well-known communist / Marxist activist organization that is against the traditional family and Judeo-Christian morals.

Your editor posted a comment at one of Steves’ recent videos and my comment was quickly removed. Why? Because I requested a photograph of Steves smoking a joint. You can’t find one on the internet.

Instead, I am posting this video:

Rick Steves Buys Marijuana – and behaves childishly

Rick Steves Buy Pot and Acts Crazy Stoned

Rick Steves Wants Black and Latinos To Have Equal Access To Marijuana, Donates $50,000 to the ACLU to Legalize Marijuana:

Rick Steves donated $50,000 to the ACLU. He really cares about the disadvantaged communities and wants Black and Latinos to ruin their lives by legalizing pot.

But wait, there’s more. Rick Steves think Joe Biden will uplift People of Color:

Rick Steves Campaigns for Joe Biden

Famed Michelin Culinary Gardener and Chef Goes To Pot

Chef Aaron Keefer Is A Silly Man

Author’s Message:  Marijuana Will Eventually Ruin Everyone and Everything It Touches (like restaurants), No Matter Who You Are


Imagine you are raising your little boy to stay away from dumb careers like growing marijuana for all the dope-heads.  You send him to top level schools like the Culinary Institute of America in New York.  Your son’s stellar education was then followed by one successful post after the other. Profile of Aaron Keefer.


Yes, your son was highly recognized in his culinary field. He is well-known for cultivating vegetables for the Michelen-rated French Laundry in Yountville in Napa County.


But then, something weird and stupid happened.  George Soros (Daddy Weedbucks) and California’s potheads convinced voters that marijuana was a trending, hot commodity.  Suddenly, chefs and restaurants were getting on the bandwagon.

What could possible go wrong?

How about your stellar reputation?  How about re-thinking what the hell you are getting into?

Marijuana Is For Losers!

“I really think that we’re going to be the first one to combine the [California] wine country lifestyle with cannabis. I’m excited to see what else we have out there that people are going to be discovering. There really is power in plants.” Keefer

I live in California, too.  Marijuana is a poisonous weed.  I hate marijuana (read my About page).  It ruins marriages, causes fatal vehicle crashes, makes you stupid, drains your soul, causes untreatable panic disorder and even suicide.  You stoners may “think” it is harmless.  I’ve heard this all my life and I’m 70.

Read About The Company The Chef Keeps (Pot Head Publications)

Sonoma County Craft Cannabis Farm Hires French Laundry Alum to Run Cultivation

Former French Laundry Farm Chief Joins Pot Industry

Shameful promotion from my once-favorite magazine:

French Laundry’s Former Culinary Farmer Wants to Bring Artisanal Cannabis to the Table – Food & Wine Magazine


Weed Recipe for Thanksgiving: Sunset Magazine Legitimizes Poisoning Grandma

It is with great regret that I, a former subscriber to Sunset Magazine, learned that my once-favorite, family-friendly lifestyle magazine has turned against the family.  I expect online stoner sites to promote this crap but Sunset?  It’s horrifying.

Listen To Stoners Talk!  They will go on and on about how harmless marijuana is. It’s all a big joke to them.

I post the entire article here.  Plus Sunset’s other edible marijuana article links.

The gravy alchemist, Kiva, brags that the gravy “gravy offers the fastest-acting and most bioavailable cannabinoids available in edibles today.” 

Sunset Magazine – Chill Out Your Entire Family at Thanksgiving With This Cannabis-Infused Gravy

Kiva Confections powdered turkey gravy is made from real stock, spices, and herbs (plus THC).

Sunset’s Disclaimer: We are not seriously suggesting you dose your family (or anyone!) on Thanksgiving (or any day!). We’re simply offering up a bit of holiday humor—something we could probably all use a dose of this week.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, filled with an overflowing table of food, football, and quality family time. It’s also one of the riskiest days of the year for rational discourse, when family members with differing opinions gather round a roast turkey to air their grievances. This year, as one cannabis company would have it, you now have the option to avoid it all by serving everyone a healthy dose of THC-laced turkey gravy (with full consent, of course).

Kiva Confections, which has grown into the largest cannabis edibles brand in the country, has launched a limited-edition, fast-acting cannabis-infused gravy. It comes in powdered from, just like any regular, old grocery store gravy; just add water. Unlike most edibles, the gravy’s special ingredients will absorb directly into the soft tissue of the stomach, taking effect within 2 to 15 minutes. That’s lightning speed, compared to the typical 90 minutes or more that other edible cannabis products require before effects are felt.

Grandma won’t care about your new tattoo after slurping up this stuff — in fact, she might want one of her own! Will your stuffy uncle ever stop talking? Maybe, after he eats this gravy (or at least you might not care what he says, after you’ve eaten it too). The biggest risk: A post-dinner rush on the dessert table. If you’re including this delicious, wavy gravy at your holiday dinner, make sure to stock up on the sweet stuff.


Hat tip:  Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (California)

California Deputy Murdered By ‘2 Mexican Nationals’ Farming Illegal Marijuana Garden

KCRA 3 News

October 24, 2019

Three men are facing charges after a deputy was shot and killed and a second deputy was hurt while responding to an alleged theft at a marijuana grow Wednesday in Somerset, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said.


El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

Perps:  Romiro Bravo Morales and Juan Carlos Vasquez-Orozco

According to the sheriff, Christopher Ross was leasing land [to these Mexicans] for marijuana growing.
-  Christopher Ross

When the two deputies got to the marijuana grow, which was being operated illegally, they announced their presence and asked for whoever was in the garden to show themselves. The two deputies were immediately shot at and fired back, D’Agostini said.

Deputy Brian Ishmael

Deputy Brian Ishmael was struck in the chest above his bulletproof vest and in the foot. He died within minutes at the scene, the sheriff said.

Anthony Bourdain Part Two

I don’t care if you use marijuana if you are an adult over 20.  Just leave the children and teens alone!  And do not drive stoned when my loved ones and I are on the road!

Soon after Chef Bourdain’s suicide in June 2018, I posted about Chef Bourdain’s publicized marijuana use and speculated he may have had mental health problems that were brought on by his weed habit.  “Suicide, Anxiety, and Panic Disorders Linked to Marijuana.”  Today I stand by my speculation.  There exist marijuana advocates who still, to this day, disregard the warnings about the drug’s harmful effects.

Drug rehab program on Chef Bourdain

In May 2019, a drug rehab program known as North Point Recovery posted a long recap about Bourdain’s irresponsible and self-destructive drug abuse.  THE TAKE AWAY:  his marijuana use may have triggered a relapse.

“Anthony Bourdain’s Fight With Addiction and Apparent Suicide”

Specifically in the case of marijuana, which many people view as “harmless”, past research conducted by Dutch and American scientists at the Vrije University in Amsterdam and the US National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that smoking pot may trigger relapses in drug addicts.

Weed Is Deliberately Dumbing You Down

Surgeon General’s New Warning

Frequent marijuana use during adolescence is associated with changes in the areas of the brain involved in attention, memory, decision-making, and motivation.

Deficits in attention and memory have been detected in marijuana-using teens even after a month of abstinence27.

Marijuana can also impair learning in adolescents.

Chronic use is linked to declines in IQ, school performance that jeopardizes professional and social achievements, and life satisfaction28.

Regular use of marijuana in adolescence is linked to increased rates of school absence and drop-out, as well as suicide attempts29.

The Powerful Elites in our country have deliberately dumbed down America through public schools.

Add legalized marijuana to this situation in our schools and we have the end result:  dysfunctional young people and homelessness.

How do schools cause low reading rates?  By use of the   “whole word” teaching method of reading, rather than Phonics.

One-Third of the population cannot learn to read with this method of reading forced on public school children.

This book is available at Amazon and other sellers.

The following is taken from the Literacy Foundation:

Consequences of illiteracy

The consequences of illiteracy are many and harmful in several respects. As well as affecting illiterate individuals themselves in their daily lives and often jeopardizing their future, this scourge has a significant effect on society, both socially and economically.

The consequences of illiteracy on individuals and society include the following:

For individuals

  • Limited ability to obtain and understand essential information;
  • Unemployment: The unemployment rate is 2–4 times higher among those with little schooling than among those with Bachelor’s degrees;
  • Lower income;
  • Lower-quality jobs;
  • Reduced access to lifelong learning and professional development;
  • Precarious financial position;
  • Little value is given to education and reading within the family, and this often leads to intergenerational transmission of illiteracy;
  • Low self-esteem, which can lead to isolation;
  • Impact on health: Illiterate individuals have more workplace accidents, take longer to recover and more often misuse medication through ignorance of health care resources and because they have trouble reading and understanding the relevant information (warnings, dosage, contraindications, etc.).

For society

  • Since literacy is an essential tool for individuals and states to be competitive in the new global knowledge economy, many positions remain vacant for lack of personnel adequately trained to hold them;
  • The higher the proportion of adults with low literacy proficiency is, the slower the overall long-term GDP growth rate is;
  • The difficulty understanding societal issues lowers the level of community involvement and civic participation.

Without the basic tools necessary for achieving their goals, individuals without an adequate level of literacy cannot be involved fully and on a completely equal basis in social and political discourse.


San Francisco Chronicle

Illiteracy Reinforces Prisoners’ Captivity

State prisons are crowded with inmates lacking a basic education — Their dismal job prospects mean they’re likely to land back behind bars


CBD Is the New Snake Oil: Robert L. DuPont, M.D.


Article in full…

CBD is the new snake oil

by Robert L. DuPont, M.D.  | June 17, 2019

The irrational enthusiasm for the medical use of cannabidiol, or CBD, is unique and frightening. We are watching the explosive creation of a multi-billion dollar industry poised to make tremendous profits off desperate patients and their loved ones.

I commend the Food and Drug Administration for tackling the enormous challenge of creating a regulatory pathway for cannabis-derived products. Congress had products like these in mind when it passed the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in 1906. Yet, even a century ago, people couldn’t have imagined the deceptive advertising we’re seeing today for CBD.

Anecdotes and testimonials, not science, are driving the marketing of unregulated, nonprescription forms of CBD. This scenario is reminiscent of 19th century patent medicines. These concoctions claimed to cure every known condition; their peddlers were commonly known as “snake oil” salesmen.

The CBD industry is sidestepping the great advances made over the past 113 years to subject health claims to careful investigation. It’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide accurate information to the public and ensure the safety, efficacy, and purity of health-related products.

The FDA must require CBD product manufacturers making health claims to subject their products to robust preclinical and clinical trials, and ultimately submit their data to FDA for review and, if appropriate, clearance for marketing.

I recognize that if CBD-based products are made available only through a prescription, they will be more expensive and more difficult to access. But CBD products for medicinal use should be of the highest quality — meaning they won’t be cheap to manufacture or sell. Safety is paramount; we should not cut corners for the sake of reducing costs. Patients and their clinicians have fought for and deserve the ability to rely upon the FDA’s regulatory process and enforcement mechanisms when making decisions about what they ingest to improve their health and treat disease.

I enthusiastically support the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, but today, scientific support for using these unique chemicals for medical purposes is scant, outside of three seldom-used FDA-approved drugs.

At present, there are no robust clinical studies that demonstrate safety and efficacy, no dosing guidelines, and no standardized products to assess concentration and purity for CBD. Every “dose” is different due to wide variations in the amounts of CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, other potentially active ingredients, additives, and toxins that are present in these products. The public deserves to know what they’re buying and consuming.

It is also of deep concern that the THC levels in most CBD products, even those derived from the hemp plant, could upend the drug testing systems currently in place in substance use disorder treatment centers, the workplace, the transportation sector, and elsewhere in which safety is paramount. We may increasingly find ourselves in situations where people using marijuana in violation of legal statutes or employer regulations claim that they tested positive for marijuana because their CBD product must have contained THC.

An unregulated CBD industry thus creates a wide-open path for that bogus defense, but also for the wrongful termination of employees who did nothing wrong. For people using CBD products with no knowledge or expectation that they contained THC could be fired from their jobs due to testing positive on drug screens. Those unjust terminations could follow them for the rest of their lives.

We are sitting back while a tidal wave of CBD seems to be making its way into everything from candy bars to cappuccinos, claiming to cure all ills. Shouldn’t this set off alarms? What other medicine or health product cures everything?

I urge FDA to respond to this need to protect all Americans through the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act mandate. Use the tools the organization already has in place to subject CBD to the same scrutiny faced by other products making health claims.

The public health demands this. The country deserves it.

Robert L. DuPont. MD, is a former director of the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse and president of the Maryland-based Institute for Behavior and Health.

Medical Marijuana A Hoax! Scammers Admit It in Video

These drug pushers lied about marijuana in order to redefine it as “medicine,” legalize it as “medical,” and finally, to legalize all marijuana, medical or not.  It worked.

NORML and The Scam Of Medical Marijuana

“Once we get medical marijuana . . . then we’ll get full legalization.”  Richard Cowan, NORML.

“I use medical marijuana for glaucoma [sarcastic] . . . and there is one reason why I’m using it.  I use it TO GET HIGH!  Marijuana is fun!” 


  • “medical marijuana” refers to smoking weed or ingesting weed-infused food and candy known as edibles.
  • CBD Oil is also used as “medicine.”

Drug Facts:  Marijuana As Medicine

Are People with Health and Age-Related Problems More Vulnerable to Marijuana’s Risks?

State-approved medicinal use of marijuana is a fairly new practice. For that reason, marijuana’s effects on people who are weakened because of age or illness are still relatively unknown. Older people and those suffering from diseases such as cancer or AIDS could be more vulnerable to the drug’s harmful effects, but more research is needed.

Romancing The Stoners 2: First Pot Restaurant in Los Angeles

Will Dining Out Endanger The Young?

We hate marijuana and we want readers to be aware of how much this awful weed is influencing restaurants and chefs.  We predict that increasing numbers of children and teenagers will be endangered as the number of these restaurants increase over time.  We do not care that adults use weed – just leave the children alone!

We wonder whether this joint will have any warnings on the door like “this place can cause mental health disorders like suicide” and “don’t drive after using marijuana-infused foodstuffs.”  California warns restaurant patrons about cancer causing products or environmentally unsafe plastic straws so it stands to reason this place would comply, right?

  • What is WEHO?  West Hollywood.

The first marijuana restaurant in Los Angeles will open September 2019 in WEHO.  The Lowell Cafe “will offer its guests a range of high-quality cannabis flowers, vapes, pre-packaged edibles, concentrates and extracts.”  Andrea Drummer is the chef.

According to their website, the joint will not serve pot-infused dishes but will sell pot-infused packaged foodstuffs.

Here’s a snapshot of Andrea Drummer, who competed on the Netflix series, “Cooking on High” after she appeared in Kitchen Toke’s inaugural 2017 issue.

How Popular is This Trend?

Stoned Driver Kills 5

New York – Fox News

Driver who killed 5 in crash had ‘second largest level’ of marijuana seen by medical examiner in living specimen: report

Jamel Turner was sentenced to 27 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter and several other charges linked to the Valentine’s Day 2018 crash on Long Island when he rear-ended a car on the highway while traveling 154 miles per hour, the New York Times reported. All of the victims burned alive, prosecutors said.

Turner was driving four times the legal 40 mph speed limit or approximately “the speed at which jetliners take off,” Suffolk district attorney, Timothy Sini, said at the sentencing hearing. The medical examiner said Turner had the “the second-highest level of marijuana that they’ve ever seen in a living specimen” at the time of the crash, Sini added.

Turner, who was driving a stolen Chevy Camaro, plowed into the McCoy family’s Mazda, which then hit another car and careened into an oil truck until catching fire. All four passengers in the Mazda were burned alive.

Turner’s friend and dog were also killed when they were thrown from the Camaro. The driver of the oil truck suffered severe injuries to his neck and spine. Turner, who is a convicted drug dealer with a lengthy record, pleaded guilty to the charges against him connected to the crash earlier this year.

Before the sentencing hearing Tuesday, he refused to leave his jail cell and wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. Justice Fernando Camacho denied the request and threatened Turner could lose his plea deal and face life in prison if he did not show in court.

Once in court, Turner issued a brief apology to the relatives of the deceased to which Camacho reiterated that he had “wiped out an entire family” who was “burned alive,” the New York Times reported.


What Marijuana legalization did to car accident rates.  Washington Post.

Legalized Marijuana linked to a sharp rise in car crashes.  NBC News.

Pot legalization increases car crashes. UP.

Marijuana playing larger role in fatal crashes.  USA Today – June 9, 2014.

Romancing the Stoners: Coca-Cola

Update 09/23/2018.

“Daddy Weedbucks,” globalist GEORGE SOROS.  I neglected to mention his contribution to legalizing weed in this piece.  “Billionaire activists like . . . George Soros are fueling the campaign to legalize pot.” LA Times.


How to reduce the world’s population?

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”  Ted Turner, a wealthy globalist.

Knowing that marijuana reduces sperm count by up to 55% (1), it stands to reason that wealthy influential globalists like Ted Turner have  played a monumental role in the legalization of marijuana.  It also lowers male testosterone (2).

  • Ensure increased access to legal marijuana by investing in foods and beverages and candies that are poisoned with cannabis
  • Encourage new cannabis entrepreneurs
  • Raise the status of cannabis users and manufacturers
  • Change the image from dirty and filthy to young and sexy
  • Flip the health concerns on its head and promote cannabis as a new path to wellness

Looks like the globalists are working overtime romancing The Stoner Cult.

Are the wealthy globalists attempting to reduce the world population by introducing cannabis poisons into beverages?

Bloomberg 09/17/2018 – click image

These images are all over the web today:

Image result for coca-cola and weed Image result for coca-cola and weed

Image result for coca-cola and weed

Image result for coca-cola and weed


(1)  Marijuana reduces sperm count

(2) Marijuana lowers testosterone


Coors maker readies sales of marijuana-infused drinks

Blue Moon’s brewer launching marijuana-infused ‘beer’


America’s Invisible Pot Addicts

The Atlantic

More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead.

Public-health experts worry about the increasingly potent options available, and the striking number of constant users. “Cannabis is potentially a real public-health problem,” said Mark A. R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University. “It wasn’t obvious to me 25 years ago, when 9 percent of self-reported cannabis users over the last month reported daily or near-daily use. I always was prepared to say, ‘No, it’s not a very abusable drug. Nine percent of anybody will do something stupid.’ But that number is now [something like] 40 percent.” They argue that state and local governments are setting up legal regimes without sufficient public-health protection, with some even warning that the country is replacing one form of reefer madness with another, careening from treating cannabis as if it were as dangerous as heroin to treating it as if it were as benign as kombucha.

Users or former users I spoke with described lost jobs, lost marriages, lost houses, lost money, lost time. Foreclosures and divorces. Weight gain and mental-health problems. And one other thing: the problem of convincing other people that what they were experiencing was real. A few mentioned jokes about Doritos, and comments implying that the real issue was that they were lazy stoners. Others mentioned the common belief that you can be “psychologically” addicted to pot, but not “physically” or “really” addicted. The condition remains misunderstood, discounted, and strangely invisible, even as legalization and white-marketization pitches ahead.


Not Safe For The Children: Friends Who Gave Children Weed

Leave The Kids Alone, Dope Fiends!

The media has been spreading the unscientifically proven “health benefits” of marijuana FOR CHILDREN for years.  Just a quick search on the internet shows many stories.  Once a positive story appears, it is taken as fact.  Forever.  It’s all propaganda designed by the government to take your children from you – eventually.

Stoned Mom Dances, Blows Weed Smoke At 3-Year Old Daughter

The result of all this is adults are giving marijuana in all forms to their children.

It reminds me of two very disturbing events in my own life.  I had a friend in the 1990s who was a stoner.  She was in her late 30s at the time.   She was married with two little kids.  She called me every evening and talked my ear off.

At the time I was mourning the loss of my mother so my friend’s company and frequent phone calls were welcome.  Besides, she took me to my very first Catholic mass which I have loved since.  That’s another story, though.

I finally broke off our friendship:  I witnessed her smoking a joint while dancing around her little girl who was sitting on a small chair in the middle of the room while her mother danced a circle around her.  She even blew marijuana smoke in the girl’s face.   Then, they immediately got in their car and drove off.

To my eternal shame, I didn’t inform her (anti-marijuana) husband or call the police.

Stoned Musicians Laughing At Almost-Asphyxiated Child

Another time, in the 1970s, a group of musician friends, all guys, were smoking a giant ‘spliff’ at our apartment.  I didn’t have any, like usual.  Everyone was laughing it up.  Except me.

To my horror and shame a guy named David gave his 5-year-old son the spliff and egged him on to try it.  He did.  I could tell he’d done this before.  He coughed, hacked, couldn’t catch his breath.  Then, the little guy turned all red and then purplish!

I’m ashamed that I didn’t call the police.  Neither did I get mad and kick them out.  I heard shortly afterward that David’s wife took the kids and moved out of state.

QUACK SCIENCE:  Children Treated For Epilepsy With CBD Oil


California Law

Giving (as opposed to selling) marijuana to a minor 14 years of age or older carries a penalty of:

  • three, four, or five years in state prison.1

All other violations of Health and Safety Code 11361 are punishable by:

  • three, five, or seven years in state prison.2

To be clear, this longer term applies when you:

  • Sell marijuana to a minor of any age,
  • Induce a minor of any age to use marijuana,
  • Use a minor of any age to transport, sell or give away marijuana, or
  • Give or offer marijuana to a minor under 14.

The exception is medical marijuana.

Suicide, Anxiety and Panic Disorders Linked To Marijuana

Marijuana can cause severe, uncontrollable panic attacks.  I know this from experience (read my ‘About’ page).  I believe it changed my brain chemistry.  I was 17.

If left untreated with legitimate medications like antidepressants, suicide ideation and attempts at suicide may result.

  • I have nighttime panic disorder that is treated with antidepressants.   Editor.

Did Robin Williams, Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain have PANIC DISORDER?  I wonder.

While he’s kicked the other vices, he still drinks and smokes cannabis liberally. And he’s turned the latter recreation into the basis for something like method-cooking.

  • Anthony Bourdain, Cannabis Advocate Hangs Himself.  High Times.

Suicide, Anxiety and Panic Disorders Linked To Marijuana

Oct 31, 2017 – What is the link between marijuana use and panic or anxiety attacks? … Marijuana causes perceptual changes which make the user more …
Apr 1, 2016 – High doses of THC, on the other hand, are notoriously linked to the … irrational panic and paranoid ideas, although these symptoms often quickly abate … to mental health problems — including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, … People with anxiety disorders who use marijuana may experience relief …
by KK Kedzior – ‎2014 – ‎Cited by 94 – ‎Related articles

May 10, 2014 – Anxiety is positively associated with cannabis use or CUD in cohorts drawn from some … some anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder [20]. ….. SIAS (high-risk suicidal behaviour, psychotic) …

by G Serafini – ‎2013 – ‎Cited by 14 – ‎Related articles

Oct 11, 2013 – Globally, suicide is one of the most common causes of death among young … conditions such as bipolar disorder, and predict negative outcomes and … high levels of anxiety sensitivity or hopelessness may be more sensitive …

Dec 16, 2015 – Anxiety relief from smoking marijuana may not deliver the results … Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD · Separation Anxiety · Phobias … receptors; locking-on to different receptors leads to different effects. … of Disease Control (CDC) has tracked increased rates of suicide, up 9% between 2010 and 2012.
Sep 16, 2012 – Marijuana use linked with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and higher suicide risk. … Overcoming Panic Attacks – Naturally. Sleep problems … Marijuana Use Linked with Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression and Suicide.
Oct 25, 2017 – Sherika Hill, Ph.D. — an adjunct faculty associate at the Duke University School of Medicine — is the lead author of the study, and the findings …
People with panic disorders may feel anxious to the point that it affects their …. panic disorder have substantial and possibly grim implications — the high suicide attempt … However, other research claims cannabis is associated with psychosis.
Feb 3, 2017 – If you’re having a marijuana panic attack, don’t worry. … a lot of research focused exclusively” on the signs of weedrelated panic, … Your whole body is placed on high alert, and fear of impending death or doom is palpable.

Jan 3, 2017 – Past data have suggested a link between marijuana use disorder and … likely to attempt suicide than those who started smoking marijuana later in life. … use as an adult is not associated with mood and anxiety disorders, …

The Relationship Between Anxiety Disorders and Suicide Attempts …

by J Nepon – ‎2010 – ‎Cited by 184 – ‎Related articles

Comorbidity of personality disorders with panic disorder (AOR= 5.76, 95% CI: 4.58–7.25) and with PTSD (AOR= 6.90, 95% CI: 5.41–8.79) demonstrated much …

Oct 20, 2008 – The researchers found that the presence of any Anxiety Disorder was … the current findings suggest that untreated anxiety disorders might be …
Feb 13, 2013 – The fear of dying during a panic attack is an independent risk factor for … they assert, may help clinicians assess suicide risk and ultimately …
Findings suggest acknowledging and talking about suicide may in fact … Both depression and anxiety carry a high risk of suicide,” says Mark Pollack, MD, ADAA …

Panic Attack Link to Suicide Questioned – The New York Times

Jul 22, 1992 – But the terror of the attacks, particularly if untreated, can sometimes lead people … “If you have both depression and panic attacks, it may be the …

Sep 1, 2015 – In August, researchers from the three mental health and suicide prevention … Signs of anxiety disorder often include fatigue, headaches, muscle tension and … anxiety disorder can coexist with depression when untreated, with the … “Many depressed people think about things they don’t want to think about …
Aug 9, 2013 – For depressed people, panic attacks can increase suicidal thoughts and … While the specific symptoms of any given attack vary from person to …
by J Sareen – ‎2005 – ‎Cited by 635 – ‎Related articles

Further analyses demonstrated that the presence of any anxiety disorder in ….. the current findings suggest that untreated anxiety disorders might be missed …

Panic disorder often begins in adolescence, although it may start during childhood, … Panic disorder is highly treatable, however left untreated, panic attacks get … increased risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts, alcohol or substance abuse, and …

Weed The Curse Of California

In the video below you will see and hear an idiot Californian say, the chocolate in the vat has “180 mg of THC, so, this is one you gotta be a little careful with.”  Grin!

KIVA’s  “HEALTH WARNING” ? — At the very bottom of Kiva’s website, in tiny font, is posted this wildly insufficient warning:

THC quantities are intended for reference only. Consult with your doctor to find a dose that’s right for you.
Please use KIVA products responsibly.

sacramento bee:  See how Kiva Confections creates cannabis infused edibles


Black History On Weed In Pictures

“Celebrating Black History Month – Cannabis Now”

Read about the famous Black people who smoke weed!  They are scholars over there!

Potheads will be inspired to thumb through – not actually read – a classic by Alexander Dumas not because he was one-fourth Black but because he mentioned hashish in his book, The Three Musketeers.

To see images of stupid White celebrities who smoke weed just search that yourself.

These are annoying Black celebrities who love to smoke weed and brag about it like all other potheads.

Happy Times During Black History Month!


Restaurant Horror No. 1

How Much Is Too Much Marijuana?

The amount of marijuana in foodstuffs is unregulated in California.  The Denver, Colorado public health department recommends 10 milligrams per dose in edible marijuana foodstuffs.

The following story posted at a San Francisco e-zine does not bother with the so-called safe limit of 10 mg.

San Francisco | 05/29/2017

The Bold Italic e-zine

“I Ate Eight Courses of Cannabis-Infused Haute Cuisine, and It Only Made Me More Hungry”

But rather than being a weed dinner where guests eat edibles before arriving or smoke between courses, this meal will involve cannabis that’s present in cooking oils, purees and powders. It will be integrated into the meal like any other ingredient.

Michael quit the restaurant circuit to start his own personal brand — Opulent Chef. He now teaches classes, cooks private meals and works part-time for the WIRED kitchen.

“Hopefully, everyone gets high according to the level of highness you want to receive . “

Hopefully your food doesn’t sicken innocent children and teens.


Creepy “chef” dumps marijuana into cooked food:  CLICK THE IMAGE.

Dangers of Edible Marijuana

Marijuana Sold As Edible Foodstuffs

For years, marijuana has been infused into food products such as candy and baked goods at “medical” dispensaries.

Pot users include weed in their homemade foods; hundreds of videos online teach how to cook with weed.

Are children and teens protected?  No.  Pot users and advocates are mostly anti-establishment and anti-family.  They do not give a damn about your family.

Drug Alert:  Marijuana Edibles

From the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA):


Edibles are food products infused with marijuana. Though smoking marijuana is the most prevalent method of consumption, eating marijuana is quickly becoming a popular way to consume the drug.

Brownies are among the most common food products infused with marijuana; however, almost any food product may be infused with marijuana and eaten.

In addition to placing marijuana directly in food, marijuana-infused cooking oil can be used when frying or searing food, and marijuana-infused butter can be spread directly on prepared food.

These marijuana edibles are more common in states that have legalized marijuana and also states that permit medical marijuana use.

Is eating marijuana more dangerous than smoking marijuana?

YES!  There is the added potential for overdose from marijuana edibles.

  • The effects from smoking marijuana only takes minutes.  However, edibles take between 1-3 hours because food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver.  Because it take longer, the user may end up consuming larger amounts of the drug while thinking the drug isn’t working.
  • The amount of THC -the active ingredient in marijuana – is very difficult to measure and is often unknown in these food products.
  • If the user has other medications in his or her system, their body may metabolize different amounts of THC, causing THC levels in the bloodstream to dangerously increase five-fold.
  • Overdose symptoms from eating marijuana are often more severe than symptoms of an overdose from smoking marijuana.

What are the negative effects of marijuana edibles?

  • Psychotic episodes
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Impaired motor ability

Are marijuana edibles frequently used?

Among 12th graders who used marijuana in the past year, 40% reported having consumed it in edible form in medical marijuana states, versus 26% in non-medical marijuana states.

(Source:  National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) 2014 Monitoring the Future Study.

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