Restaurant Horror No. 1

How Much Is Too Much Marijuana?

The amount of marijuana in foodstuffs is unregulated in California.  The Denver, Colorado public health department recommends 10 milligrams per dose in edible marijuana foodstuffs.

The following story posted at a San Francisco e-zine does not bother with the so-called safe limit of 10 mg.

San Francisco | 05/29/2017

The Bold Italic e-zine

“I Ate Eight Courses of Cannabis-Infused Haute Cuisine, and It Only Made Me More Hungry”

But rather than being a weed dinner where guests eat edibles before arriving or smoke between courses, this meal will involve cannabis that’s present in cooking oils, purees and powders. It will be integrated into the meal like any other ingredient.

Michael quit the restaurant circuit to start his own personal brand — Opulent Chef. He now teaches classes, cooks private meals and works part-time for the WIRED kitchen.

“Hopefully, everyone gets high according to the level of highness you want to receive . “

Hopefully your food doesn’t sicken innocent children and teens.


Creepy “chef” dumps marijuana into cooked food:  CLICK THE IMAGE.